Configuring rq-sssp-client.conf for ikXs

First, get these files:

  1. Private Server Software
  2. Private Server Configuration File

Check your machine setup, for private server software:

  1. Download the private server software (above)
  2. Unzip the program
  3. Verify which com ports you have



To check your COM PORT go to CONTROL PANEL > SYSTEM > DEVICE MANAGER > [+] PORTS click on [+] you will see COM (port#) If you are using a USB to SERIAL ADAPTER you will see “Prolific USB-to-Serial Com Port (COM#)” If the port# shown is other then the number “1” it will have to be edited into the rq-sssp-client.conf file.

If your COM port is NOT in device manager and your PC has a DB9 RS232 connector then you must REBOOT your computer, open up your BIOS and ENABLE your com port. If using a USB to SERIAL ADAPTER and do NOT see “Prolific USB-to-Serial Com Port (COM#)” the driver for your adapter has not been installed on your PC and it will not work.


RIGHT click COM (port#) > properties > port settings and they should be 115200 8 none 1 none if not use the drop down menu to change them.

Setup the private server software:

Now that you know your com port #, write that down

You need your donation code information (username, password, port, host, deskey)

Download the private server configuration file.

Unzip the configuration file, place with the private server program.

Double click the rq-sssp-client.conf file:

You’ll have to make changes to the file to match the following:

  • serial_port=COM3
  • serial_port_settings=115200|8|N|1
  • card_server_url_1=newcamd://username:password@host:port/0102030405060708091011121314
  1. COM PORT # if it is other then “1″
  2. Username issued by ikxs
  3. Password issued by ikxs
  4. Port # issued by ikxs
  5. Host issued by ikxs
  6. Deskey: 010203…. replace if different (no spaces!)
  7. Save the file (ctrl-s).

Running the client:

Double click the rq-sssp-client.exe program, and if you’ve set the com port right, it should successfully connect & await serial commands from your receiver.

For future purposes, stop running the program.

Create a new folder somewhere (where you want to run it from, for later).

Copy into this new folder, the following files:

  • rq-sssp-client.conf
  • rq-sssp-client.exe
  • msvcr71.dll

Done, Enjoy!

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7 comments on “Configuring rq-sssp-client.conf for ikXs
  1. kenneth pate says:

    how long it take to get the donation code info i got the 1 month trial on 10-13-2012

  2. rondallh says:

    your a big scam

  3. Peter says:

    I am using coolset 6000 and I don’t fat all the chenned to show up and most says scramble. Please help me with what is the setting for scanning and lnn type

  4. kat1 says:

    all ok seems you are down

  5. norberts says:

    me podrian dar una prueva

  6. sou huong says:

    thanks it works all open and ppv for my Limesat HD Max thanks

  7. Carl Gourgue says:

    rq-sssp-client.conf file is not an executable file.Windows need to know what program created it.I cannot make any changes. Then for my ilink 9500hd there is no ECPS to Dream under menu – options – network, need help.

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