Limesat HD Air Setup Guide

Get these files first:

How to choose which files you need. If you have to load files with the serial cable, get file #1.

If you have the receiver connected by ethernet cable. Choose file #2.

If you use the add-on wifi/3g module in the limesat, choose file #3 (ignore file #2)

#1 - Limesat AIR HD Serial Loader

#2 - Private Server File (Without Wifi/3G Support)

#3 - Private Server File (With Wifi/3G Support)

USB Loader:

Copy the private server file (.bin) onto the usb key.

Insert the USB key into your receiver.

File chooser menu will appear. Choose the loaded .bin file from the menu. Press OK .. follow instructions.

Serial Loader:

Download the server file (.bin) onto your pc

Download the serial loader file onto your pc.

Unpack both files. Run the loader program.

Choose the private server file (.bin)

Connect the serial cable to your receiver & PC.

On the PC Loader program. File chooser menu is available.

Choose the loaded .bin file from the menu. Press OK .. follow instructions.

Turn off the Receiver (STB) with rear switch, turn it back on.

Wait for the loading process to finish. Do not turn unit off until picture returns to TV.

Setting up your private server:

  1. Menu -> Configuration
  2. Choose System Recovery
  3. Enter 4 Zeros (0000)
  4. Press OK to reset device.
  5. Menu -> Configuration -> Network Settings
  6. Set Connection Type to DHCP (by default)
  7. Press Blue key to get private server
  8. Select server #1, or first open server slot.
  9. Press OK to Edit.
  10. Enter information following table below
  11. URL — enter the host provided
  12. Port — enter the port provided
  13. Username — enter the username provided
  14. Password — enter the password provided
  15. DES Keys — enter the deskey provided
  16. Select the line marked “Connect”
  17. Press OK
  18. Wait for message “Server is connected”
  19. Switch to channel 200
  20. Wait for picture
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9 comments on “Limesat HD Air Setup Guide
  1. luis reyes says:

    mi equipo tiene problemas,c butea y c apaga permanentemente y le puse el bin 121 y nada, si pudiera alguien ayudarme

  2. TTvu says:

    Hello. I never use Limesat HD before and someone introduce me to buy a Limesat. They said they will install and program every year for $100. Someone help me should I go for it. And Is it will works?

  3. marilyn schmidt says:

    reciever says server cant connect what do i do now waiting for a reply tick tock tick toc

  4. larry007 says:

    limesat air hd server can;t cnnect waiting for help code not working

  5. Pras says:

    Limesat HD Air not working for Indian channels and english channels. no PPV any help ??

  6. berger says:

    HI need help, the code for bev does not work. ONE d is up other not tried yet.It tells me can not connect, and dn is good thank you berger

  7. jacdem says:

    how to enter bin whit this loader ?
    I have a choice for *.kxb,*.pro,*.ups,*.rio,*.nlx,*.kdb and *.key

    I dnt have *.bin

  8. edgar says:

    do i need a new code for my limesat hd air

  9. Steven says:

    waiting on new codes for bev 91 for Limesat Hd Air.

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