Limesat Ultra, Pro Setup

Determining if a re-flash is required:

– Factory reset the software image —

1) Menu
2) Configuration
3) Network Settings
4) Set Connection Type to DHCP (by default)
5) Click on Blue Button to enter Server Menu

6) Choose Server 1 to 8 and switch it off

7) Choose Server 9 & 10, switch them off (public servers)

8) Replace server 1 with the private server information provided

(Jump ahead to private server configuration, in this document)

If this does not work, proceed with flashing document below.

Loading Files Via USB:

Limesat Ultra Users, Here Are Your Files: (version 1 hw)

Factory Bin

Private Bin

Limesat Ultra Pro Users, Here Are Your Files: (version 2 hw)

Factory Bin (Ultra Pro)

Private Bin (Ultra Pro)

Loading Your Software By USB:

1) Download and unzip the latest factory bin and the private bin and put them on your memory stick. Files are located in the download section.

NOTE: When loading the bin files do not disturb or turn off the receiver. It will tell  you when the bin is finished loading!

2) Insert the memory stick to the forward usb port. Using the remote control go into the
menu and pull up the memory stick. It should show you the bin files in the menu. If the
unit doesn’t recognize the memory stick reboot with the memory stick in the receiver. If you
still can’t get the unit to recognize the memory stick you will have to load the factory bin
using the null cable and the loader. (Explained in the next section)

3) Highlight the factory bin and hit OK. Answer yes to the pop-up asking if you want to
update and hit OK. When it has completed loading the bin file reboot the unit. At this
point the GUI’s (menu’s) appearance will change and the pink colour video should

4) Repeat the previous step with the private bin, the same way you did with the factory bin.

Reboot the receiver again.

Loading Your Software By Null Modem Cable:

1) Download and install the Limesat loader on your computer.

2) Unzip the factory bin to the desk top.

3) With the STB powered off, connect the null cable to your computer and to the STB.

4) Open the loader. Setup to Download S/W, Set Port then browse and select the factory bin file you want to load.

5) Hold the power button on the front of the STB and turn on the power switch on the back.

6) You should see “boot” on the front of the STB.

7) Hit start on the loader and the unit should start loading the bin. If you have selected the wrong port change the setting and redo the procedure.

8) Repeat steps 3->7 using the private bin, in place of the factory bin. Reset the receiver when complete.

First time installation (after installing factory & private bins):

1) Turn the unit on (Switch is on the back of the unit) and ensure you get a picture. If the image looks pink and faded don’t worry as the video setting is set for European TV.

Loading the bins will fix this so just carry on with the setup. (If you do not get a picture using
the yellow RCA cable, try using another video output. In my case I used the S video!)

2) At this point it will normally connect to the internet automatically.

3) Now go in and set up the first sat you want and scan!

Setting up your private server:

1) Menu
2) Configuration
3) Network Settings
4) Set Connection Type to DHCP (by default)
5) Click on Blue Button to enter Server Menu

6) Choose Server 1 to 8 and switch it on, scroll to right to turn on

Note: Leave 1 and 2 open , use 3 and up. Turn off 9 & 10 — TURN OFF JAPAN PUBLIC!

7) Enter the URL or IP adddress
8) Enter the Port :
9) Enter the Username:
10) Enter the Password:
11) Enter the DES Keys
12) Press Ok to Connect
13) Press Red Button to Save, Exit
14) Ensure Server(s) you want are turned ON
15) Click Red Button Scan servers – should display the number of servers you turned on with wording, Connected
16) Exit, Save settings
17) click on CH 200 wait for Picture

If not, reboot the unit!


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10 comments on “Limesat Ultra, Pro Setup
  1. Chris Bilewicz says:

    I made a payment yesterday and have not recieved any codes for my limesat ultra. Invoice 3594

  2. richard says:

    is there a code that i can get bev and dn because I got bev and now I cant get 119 sat :(

  3. Francois Stadler says:

    got the codes for my limesat yesterday but cannot connect

  4. i need codes for limesat ultra

  5. rodney says:

    Ok got it.. Had to load bin 273 then setup the server and then load the latest bin. Would not let me do it with the newest bin. Working great.

  6. rodney says:

    I installed the bins but at the private server it says to click on the blue button. Every time I do that it just turns my DUCP on or off. I cannot seem to get into the server menue.

  7. admin says:

    URL = host provided in email.

  8. antlicious says:

    hello where it said enter URL or IP address? do i put my ip address???

  9. admin says:

    No firmware update is required for limesat air hd as of current.

  10. antlicious says:

    running a limesat-air hd.. do i load the private bin in my limesat-air hd ?
    is that the same for all limesat receiver?
    or do i wait for new bin file from you?

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