nFusion Nova, Phoenix & Solaris Setup

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Procedure using NOI

To use NOI you would need a PC connected to the same network as the receiver, but the PC need not be dedicated or physically connected to the receiver. You just need to make sure both PC and receiver can access the internet, and that the PC is on and running NOI whenever you wish to watch TV. NOI can be set to autostart and connect on booting up the PC as well.

Preparing the Receiver for NOI

  1. Unzip the file above, first. It contains a folder with all the files needed.
  2. Load the boot_g3x_to r3x_v1.23.bin file in BOOT mode. Load only if European conversion like T54/T58 is currently loaded.
  3. Load this file: 090701_factory_U48.bin in MAIN mode.
  4. Load this file: r3x_boot_v1.30.bin also in BOOT mode.
  5. Load this file: 090928_sol_v153_1.bin in MAIN mode.
  6. Load this file: nfusion-154.2-255.bin in MAIN mode.
  7. Setup LNBs
  8. Scan Channels

Configuring your receiver for private server

  1. Go to channel 200 and turn off receiver
  2. Start NOI
  3. Go to Settings and enter your IKXS info. Be sure to use colons between each two characters in the key.
  4. Go to Main and hit Start. If you see snow your all set.
  5. Turn on receiver and watch TV.

Note: You may need to add a rule to your firewall and/or anti-virus shield.

Disable them for a bit to find out if that’s what is blocking the program from working. If so, add rules and it should work fine.


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17 comments on “nFusion Nova, Phoenix & Solaris Setup
  1. rooster says:

    do i have to load boot_g3x_to r3x_v1.23.bin file even if its i bought itin america i have a phoenix nfusion

    thanks in advance

  2. Skinnybai says:

    I need help setting up my nFusion Solaris, I’ve followed all the steps described, but have been unable to get it to work. please help

  3. al says:

    tired of trying to make thiss work. think the codes are bad can connect to noi but no channels open. also no response from admi. must be rip off

  4. chase says:

    i got my code and would like to know if ch#234wpix is working. it do not come up

  5. al says:

    found port setting. ignore e mail.

  6. al says:

    was trying to set up on laptop. had no luck. switched to personal computer but cannot connect to server without port setting .can you resend information so i can connect

  7. al says:

    benn trying for 3 days to get thiss thing going followed your inst to the letter. still no luck whats up

  8. chase says:

    i would like some help, any help would be good

  9. mike hood says:

    Okay found it on my own. Got lucky because no one is answering me here if anyone needs it in the future its 0000

  10. mike hood says:

    i need the password # for the main menu

  11. mike hood says:

    I need the password # for the main menu for Nfusion Nova

  12. johnny says:

    still waitin for my codes

  13. mike says:

    When I download this file- AVG antivirus comes up & says that the uploader has a trojan in it. What to do? Is there or can I use this uploader?

  14. mark ok. says:

    thanks thanks thanks…it works greatly!!

  15. Tony says:

    I finally got this somewhat going, I am only getting locals in the7090-7096 range…any ideas?

  16. admin says:

    Note the link for “download this file”, get that package to find all the details.
    Visit setup guide @

  17. jacquespepin says:

    why the 090928 sol pheonixsdv 153.1 bin is not in the download files.

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