Sonicview 8000HD Setup Guide

First, get these files:

Private Server Bin (Nag Fixed)

Preparing to update:

1) First verify what version of Bin has been last loaded on the receiver from the Menu.

2) Press the menu key

3) Go to the far right menu

4) Select the version menu option

5) Next, download the private server bin

Updating by USB:

1) Unzip, and copy the private server bin to a USB key.

2) Push the USB Key into the receiver

3) If you see a message that the USB was loaded, this is good.

4) Press the menu key, and go to the USB menu

5) Choose the file menu, and select the bin.

6) Press OK to load the update by USB

If none of this worked, you have to use the serial loader.
If it worked, skip the next section regarding the serial loader.

Updating by Serial:

1) Download, and read this document on how to use the serial loader

2) Use the Sonicview Serial Downloader

3) Select the private server bin

4) Begin the uploading process

Configuring your receiver for private server:

1) Next, do a Factory reset and then re-do the Antenna settings and scan for channels as mentioned above.

2) Now update the software on the receiver to the latest Version (at present Version 418) and let it update the iHub.

3) Wait till you see “Network Adaptor Connected”. Wait till it shows you the Channel that is selected.

4) If not, go to Menu > ipconfig and check that you have all the following information:

Private Server———————–YES
Setting Type————————DHCP
Local IP———————–192.168.x.xx
DNS IP————————-192.168.x.x
Retry Timeout————————12
Use DNS—————————–YES
Domain Name————Host assigned to you
Server Port—————– Port assigned to you
User Name——————–Donation # issued
Password———————–Same as above
DES KEYS—————- 28 digit number given.

If you’re not sure what to enter for Local IP, Subnet & Gateway
Follow this guide.

Exit and Save.

5) Tune the receiver to channel 101 to confirm sats are scanned & working

6) Tune the receiver to channel 200 and wait for the device to start. May take upto 30 minutes for first channel.

NOTE:If you reboot the receiver, and you dont see “Network Connected”, or are unable to goto the network configuration menu. Please follow the WizNet upgrade section.

You are Done. Enjoy.

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    hello every one. I’M just lost the channel 9424-9425-9520. does anyone have those channel please help me out. ( SV8000.) does anyone have channel list bin file for sv8000 hd . please update

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    Does the set up works with svlan box… where can i find instruction?

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