Viewsat Ultra Receiver Setup

How to configure your X-FTA Dongle:

Viewsat Ultra¬†Edit tp’s to get channels

1. Hit the menu button on the remote.
2. Go to “Installation”. Enter PIN code 0000
3. Select “Channel Scan”.
4. Use your right/left remote buttons to get to the sat that you want to edit.
For this example, we’ll say you want to edit sat 129, so select EchoStar 5.

5. Turn Network search “Off”.
6. Scroll down and highlight the EDIT TP icon (It’s the one on the left and it should go to it first. Press “OK”

7. If you’re using the default satfile, TP 12268 is out of date and thinks that SD channels are on it, and actually it’s a HD TP, so use your up/down arrows until you get to 12268.

8. Press the F2 button on your remote to “Edit” the TP.
9. Right arrow once to highlight 20000 and type in 21500. The highlight will automatically move to the Polarity entry. It should not be changed.

10. Press your Exit key.
11. Scroll down to the next TP that you want to edit, then press the F2 button again.

12. Repeat steps 9 thru 10 until you’ve got them all done. Then rescan.

Tune to channel 101 to make sure you have picture.

Tune to channel 201 and wait for channel

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13 comments on “Viewsat Ultra Receiver Setup
  1. Ty says:

    does this still work for ultra viewsat

  2. nas says:

    repeat for notification

  3. nas says:

    do u still offer codes.. and how long before i get the code after payment?

  4. Enrique says:

    Where i can find the keys for viewsat ultra 2000?

  5. thomas deas says:

    do viewsat lite work

  6. Joe says:

    How can I get both bev and dn what do I donate?
    I have bev from you works great.

  7. DAD says:

    I see that is not impossible, but is it possible with Viewsat Wfemu for Windows…
    I have SW 360 Elite and how long is it going to take to get the Coders. I read that you have to take files for it to SV to work when i get the codes im i already gunna be able to acces these files on your i going to get instant access to the site. I will going to pay when you answer.when you get my money will instantly send me the codes. Thanks and i hope i get a quick response!!!

  8. pozo says:

    hi, since last nigth i order $50 value-3, could you please send the code for my box sonicview8000hd for dishnetwork. thank you

  9. DAD says:

    Ultra VS 2000 will it work with a Weather Forecaster?
    For me this is not clear? I have ultra-Vs and VF, modem, D-Link router. Does that you can connect to your server without buying X-Fta Dongle.

  10. Ed says:

    works fine,about 5min.up and going thanks

  11. admin says:

    Yes. You can run multiple receivers from the same address. One donation per receiver.

  12. admin says:

    Yes. You can run multiple receivers from the same address.

  13. Marlin says:

    Ultra VS2000 will it work with a Weather Forecaster?
    Can I support a SV 360p and a VS2000 with same modem?
    Thanks in advance

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