X-FTA Setup

First thing, its not difficult to setup, but it will take a couple steps.

How to recover from a mistake

If at anytime, you made a mistake and did not READ and follow CAREFULLY, you can start over from scratch after pressing and holding the RESET button with a pin/pen tip for 1 minute (the xfta MUST be plugged in for at least a minute BEFORE pressing the reset button and it should be CONTINUALLY plugged in and NEVER unplugged). AFTER pressing the RESET button for 1 minute and ONLY AFTER waiting for 1 MORE minute, unplug the power cord and re-plug it. Now wait for a minute. Settings will now be re-set back to factory. If this fails, try once again as you probably did it wrong.

If you feel its been “Bricked” follow this document


Powering up the X-FTA for the first time

  1. Configure your receiver by setting up sats and scanning. Make sure the free channels like DN FYI 101 work for you.
  2. Connect the XFTA router to the wall AC plug-point. Wait 1 min for the lights to come on. Now, connect the lan 1 port (or any other lan port) to your PC (make sure to disable wireless adapter on your PC, if you have one, so that you are only using your LAN adapter).
  3. Open your web browser (DO NOT use Internet Explorer – use Firefox or Google Chrome).
  4. In the Address Bar, type in and press ENTER. You will now see a screen asking for a password. Type the default password as ‘password’ (without the single quotes) and then change it to a new, more secure password of your choice.

Configuring the X-FTA’s Networking

Now you have the choice to configure how your X-FTA will be used.

Two choices (pick only one):

  1. Gateway/Router Mode – This is when you want to use the X-FTA in place of your home router.
  2. Wireless Bridge/Repeater Mode – This is when you have a wireless router already, and you would like the X-FTA to connect to your network via this wireless connection.

Gateway/Router Mode Configuration

  1. Connect using the wired cable in LAN port on X-FTA
  2. Click the Connection Tab on the Left
  3. In the center, choose “Gateway”
  4. You would need to connect the WAN port of the X-FTA to the LAN port of your internet connection. This can be a DSL, Cable, Satellite Modem or a LAN port of your existing wired network.
  5. Log into the X-FTA router and set the WAN IP address. It is best to use the DHCP option.
  6. As for LAN IP, it is best to set a static IP so you know what the IP is and can access the web interface again. But the LAN IP MUST be in the same subnet as your main router’s IP.
  7. If you are not sure about your main router’s IP, you can follow this documentation on setting LAN IP addressed.
  8. However, if you are using the X-FTA as your main router, you can just set the LAN IP as
    Use the option allow clients to use alternate DNS servers.
  9. Jump to Configure DNS
  10. Now check everything and click “Save Changes”


Wireless Bridge/Repeater Mode Configuration

  1.  Connect using the wired cable in LAN port on X-FTA
  2. Click the Connection Tab on the Left
  3. In the center, choose “Wireless Bridge/Repeater”
  4. Now you have to set the Bridge IP
  5. It has to be an address within your existing LAN range
  6. Easiest way to know the numbers, is to connect via cable to your usual wireless router.
  7. Run “CMD”
  8. Type “IPCONFIG” <press enter>
  9. Then write down the information associated with your LAN adaptor
  10. Use this information to configure the Bridge/Repeater data
  11. Bridge IP = Lan IP you wrote down (+1 on the last digit)
  12. Example: you wrote down
  13. Then enter bridge IP as
  14. Use the same Subnet Mask
  15. Use the same Gateway IP
  16. Wan-ethernet-port set to disable.
  17. Follow custom DNS information from here
  18. Lower, select “Connect via Client Bridge”
  19. Select Repeater Disabled
  20. Enter the SSID to Join, it should be the name of your Existing Wireless Network.
  21. Set the Encryption to make your existing settings & network password.
  22. Now check everything and click “Save Changes”

Configuring for Google DNS

      1. Enter the X-FTA setup
      2. Under the ‘Custom DNS’ field, it is best to add two DNS
      3. Add
      4. Add another DNS

These are Google’s DNS and reduce the number of hops and help with freezing issues.


Configuring your RQ-SSSP-CLIENT for Codeword Sharing

  1. Click the word Satellite on the Left Tab
  2. Under General Settings click to enable rq-sssp-client
  3. Set Logging to Console
  4. Jump to the Receiver settings and choose the SSSP Protocol
  5. Select the model which matches your receiver
  6. For viewsat, set wfemu/viewsat in the dropdown.
  7. Check to see if this has set the serial port settings above.
  8. If not, adjust the settings in the serial port area using this guide

Jump down to the Card Server Settings:

  1. First, look to the bottom of the card server settings.
  2. Click the Button marked “Remove” beside the default entry.
  3. Now, begin to configure your card server settings.
  4. Set the Protocol to “newcamd”
  5. Set the Host to the hostname provided in your setup email
  6. Set the Port to the port number provided in your setup email
  7. Set the Username to the username provided in your setup email
  8. Set the Passsword to the password provided in your setup email
  9. Set the Deskey to match the one provided                                                  (typically: 0102030405060708091011121314 — but double check!)
  10. Dont check “send EMMS”
  11. In the Lower box marked “Control Words Timeout” enter the number “2″
  12. Click the “Add” button.
  13. Now, click the big “Save All” Button on the bottom of the page.
  14. Each time you make a change to any of the settings on this page, you have to wait 20 seconds, then scroll up to the top and click “Build Config”.
  15. Hit Save All once again. Now pull the power from the X-FTA, and boot it up again.

Running the rq-sssp-client card server for the first time

  1. Click the Satellite tab on the left
  2. At the top of the page, in the area marked “Control” click “Start”
  3. Now, click the “LogViewer” button.
  4. You should see the card_server_url with your information, and beside it the word “Connected” followed by “Client Waiting for Requests”
  5. Now, take the serial cable on the back of the X-FTA and plug it directly into the receiver.
  6. Change channels to one of the $ marked ones. And Enjoy!


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    x-fta works for nfusion HD? are you tried?

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